the world forgetting by the world forgot.

pokemon. whiskey. boyfriend. bud. psychology.
sex. cuddling. wrestling. drunk conversations.
travel. hookah. nights on the town. books. cats.
laughing. counseling. fireworks. sunsets.
sunrise. camping. love.
to people that know me in real life: you've been warned.


Please, help my friend come home!
He’s currently stationed in Hawaii, and his youngest brother is graduating high school in Mississippi. He needs help for a plane ticket home. For the past two years, I have said to him, “Please just come home for Tony’s graduation,” but due to a crazy divorce, and a death in the family two months ago in another part of the country, he’s out of funds to make the trip.
Let me tell you a little about his baby brother - the kid is brilliant! He will be graduating with Special Honors, an ACT score of 34, and a scholarship to the Engineering School at Mississippi State. This kid has it together!

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